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Jun. 28th, 2009 @ 08:02 am I wrote this one...
... when I was on my way back up to Seattle (from Santa Cruz), to complete the divorce process with my first ex.

Trinidad is a 'beach' on the coast of northern California.


 And what should never be

   Will never be, because

         Trinidad say so

     Yea Trinidad say so

               So who he

       He the eye in the sky

    He the breath of fresh air

He the clear blue - green water

          And what is, is is

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Jun. 15th, 2009 @ 07:20 am about my most precious and oldest daughter:

Planes fly away, into the sky
Hard question, that one called why
Depend on the love that lasts
It stays with us, doesn't pass

My love is with you always
We have such fun… we play
Songs let the feelings out
It's kinda what life is all about

To feel the love that matters
This song's for you, it flatters
We're so close and yet so far
There are rules, but they're not fair

Be with me my daughter and know
I'm with you always and now
Another chapter comes to an end
But you'll always be my best friend

(Darn it... I forget... this ALWAYS makes me cry)

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Jun. 3rd, 2009 @ 09:19 am Racing To The Red Light
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: see subject title: by James McMurtry

 Music helps me enjoy my existence

To push the envelope wider

To push the barriers beyond the reef

We all know there's something there to keep

By your side, close to you, because

I've got a hot engine, good brakes, and

Quick reflexes to save my soul

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Jun. 3rd, 2009 @ 09:07 am After over a year of waiting...
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: American Pie, by Don McLean
 Thank you fayanora, for approving my membership.  I'm honored to be the FIRST person to step up to the plate, on this 'challenge'.  Warning:  almost all of the 'poems' (I call them limericks) I'm gonna share with you, are ones that I wrote many years (+/- 20) ago, as part of my 'recovery' from my first divorce.  I'll do my best to only post the nonsensical ones, but fortunately for me... most of them are.  This one is being written 'write' here, off the cuff:


All the animals accepted the challenge 
With every species on earth included

Cats playing trombones and gazoos
Elephants dancing like bafoons

The captivated audience ate their food
As the sporks flew and the people knew

That when the parade was over and done
Not even the dead body could taint the fun

Of the 13 mice, on a dead run
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Jan. 30th, 2008 @ 08:50 pm "Chairs Drink Mayonaise Lattes"
This was written in response to a fit of writer's block I had after my therapy session the other day. A little bit weirder than my usual nonsense poems. And, unlike most of my poems, does not rhyme. BTW, Opus Van De Oplicter is my pseudonym when writing nonsense.

"Chairs Drink Mayonaise Lattes"
Copyright 2008 By = Opus Van De Oplicter
(AKA Tristan Arts)

Scrape the crud off - ARGH!
Candleabra of God stuck to the windshield of Life,
Unaltered mutants scrabble forward drinking delerium.
What monsters are these in pink pajamas,
Calmly dancing splendidly with thoughts of rainbows?

The caterpillar's gravy-boat sails across the sea
In search of the reflection in the mirror.
An unsettled wind dreams of daisies with steamed milk;
Don't trust them, they work for the CIA and
George Bush's left nostril fills with snow
While Rome burns.

Rendered fat in strips crawls across the floor,
Doing art in circles and cubes;
Gold boullion goes in the soup, a nice golden calf stew.
My minstrels inform me that we can't afford bagels,
But an elephant, we can do.

Cream of Dog Soup in cans on leashes bark
And tables dream of minions fornicating in threes
While there is no turkey! THERE IS NO TURKEY!
Fourteen years ago there was a man named Buttfuk,
I thought he was nice except for the nudity;
His breasts gave delicious milk, though.

In the winter only shades of pink can drive lawnmowers
In a pirhouette to the Macarena and the theme-song of Cops.
Children are lasers teasing cats into madness
And blinding society in the eyeballs, leaving only smoking holes;
Which sounds a good solution to all the lung cancer if not
For the fact that Cancers are crabby.
I tried cracking open the shell of a Cancer once;
He didn't appreciate it very much, but damn he was tasty.
I was shitting bricks for a week afterward.
I used them to build a house.

I thought to chase the dead away
With threats of Martha Stewart,
But when you invoke such powers of chaos,
Don't be surprised when your asshole starts growing flowers.
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Steph smile
Jan. 30th, 2008 @ 08:44 pm First post
Well hello, those of you who have joined us. Please read the rules and so on in the profile. Let's get down to business.

I have a challenge for anyone interested: write a nonsense poem that utilizes ALL of the following themes:

1. Cats playing trombones

2. Elephants dancing

3. Sporks

4. A dead body

5. 13 mice

I might do the challenge as well, who knows? I intend to, anyway.
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